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Spring is here, and it's the perfect time to give your home a fresh start. But with busy schedules and other commitments, finding the time to do a thorough cleaning can be a challenge. That's where NCC Cleaning Services comes in - our team of professional cleaners is here to make your life easier and ensure your home is ready for the new season.

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Some chores that can really make a difference in your spring cleaning include:

● Vacuuming / shampooing carpets and rugs
● Dusting / cobwebbing shelves, knickknacks, books, ceiling fans, window
   casings, and more
● Cleaning the cushions of sofas and upholstered furniture
● Cleaning the window
● Wiping walls / wiping ceilings
● Apply floor-type specific floor cleaning
● Washing screens
● Cleaning grout
● Cleaning oven and other kitchen appliances
● Washing curtains
● Cleaning gutters
● Rotating bedroom mattresses
● Checking and replacing your air conditioner filter

NCC Cleaning Services is a reputable professional maid service known for delivering top-quality spring cleaning services. Their team takes pride in their exceptional work, which has earned them a leading position in the industry.

A thorough fall cleaning may include:

● Window washing
● Gutter cleaning
● Cleaning window treatments including shades, blinds, and curtains
● Vacuuming and cleaning cushions on sofas and upholstered furniture
● Thoroughly dusting / cobwebbing everything from shelves to books to ceiling
   fans to window casings
● Wiping down kitchen cupboards
● Cleaning the floor
● Cleaning and shampooing curtains
● Dusting the refrigerator condenser coil
● Testing / installing smoke detectors carbon monoxide detectors
● Reorganizing closets
● Cleaning out the attic
● Cleaning kitchen appliances including stovetop, refrigerator, microwave, toaster,
   sink, oven, and coffee-maker
● Cleaning the chimney
● Checking and replacing your furnace filter
● Disinfecting doorknobs, handles, light switches, kids’ toys, and so on
● Rotating bedroom mattresses
● Reorganizing your kitchen cabinets

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Don't let the stress of seasonal cleaning overwhelm you. Let our professionally trained maids take care of it for you. Our licensed, bonded, and insured company guarantees peace of mind. Contact us to schedule your customized spring or fall cleaning and receive a free in-home price estimate. Experience our reputation for professionalism and exceptional service with NCC Cleaning Services.


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